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Regarding your visit to our website, Profound Publishers is committed to safeguarding your privacy. We aim to provide you with comprehensive transparency regarding the information we collect, its intended use, and the means by which you can request any necessary updates or corrections. Regular checks for updates to this page are required, as the organization reserves the right to alter or otherwise modify this Privacy Statement at any time. The most recent revision date of this document is presented at the top.


Our website protects all visitors in accordance with our privacy statement. This policy governs the offline and online collection, storage, processing, and transfer of personally identifiable information.


The following words have the following meanings in this Privacy Policy:

We Gather Information

During our telephone conversation, we collect various types of information from you through our websites. A portion of this information is routinely gathered as a result of the organization's utilization of various internet and online technologies, such as social networking applications.
Additional information may be gathered from you in the following ways: when you respond to an advertisement or information request; when you register or place an order for educational or other products and services; when you create a profile on a social network or other website; or when you utilize one of our interactive tools or learning assessments. By utilizing our web analytics data, we are able to discern the methods by which users discover and navigate our websites, in addition to their inclinations towards content on social networking sites. Additionally, it provides insight into the pages that users access most often, enabling us to enhance the utility and pertinence of our websites. In pursuit of the objectives, this data might be linked to personally identifiable information.

Automatically Gathered Information

Automatically, Web Analytical Information is gathered with each visit to one of our websites. In general, this information does not permit personal identification. Web analytical information comprises the following, among others:

What Will We Do With This Information?

Information on Marketing

We employ marketing information for the following purposes: to assist us in tailoring our websites and services to your requirements; to assess and enhance the quality of our websites and their features; to inform you about potential products or services that may be of interest to you through various channels including e-mail, postal mail, telephone, cellular/mobile phone, PDA devices, and applications for mobile phones such as iPhone or Blackberry; and to furnish you with notifications. In addition, we utilize several technical mechanisms to detect and address anomalous behavior, and to sift through content to prevent misuses like spam. The actions in question may lead to the permanent suspension or termination of the functionality of the site for certain users.

Information about yourself

The Organization acknowledges and appreciates the confidence you place in us when you entrust us with your Personal Information. Regarding third parties, your Personal Information will not be leased, rented, or sold. Personal Information May Be Collected, Used, and Disclosed In Furtherance Of The Following:

Text messaging, automated telephone signaling systems, or prerecorded or synthetic voice messages may be employed to deliver various forms of communication to you, in addition to the aforementioned purposes. Additionally, by providing us with a cellular, wireless, or mobile telephone number as your designated contact number, you grant us explicit consent to receive communications related to your registration, including automated dialing system calls, prerecorded voice messages, and text messages. To opt out of receiving these updates on your cellular or mobile phone, kindly provide us with a LAN-based telephone number.

Financial Information

Your financial information will be used to offer the products and services you have requested, to analyze operational and business performance, to assess risk, and to complete your registration or other transaction with us. Except in the event of a reorganization, merger, or purchase of our shares or assets, it will not be sold, rented, or otherwise transferred to an Educational Partner, Business Associate, or Unrelated Entity for any other reason.
To secure your credit card information sent to us over the Internet, we employ Secure Socket Layer (SSL) 128-bit encryption. No one, not even our employees, has access to your payment card information.


Subject to contractual, academic, legal, or technological constraints and appropriate notice, you may opt-out of our collection, use, and sharing of your Personal Information at any time. We may no longer be able to provide certain products or services if you opt out of certain uses of your Personal Information. Certain necessary collection, uses, and disclosures, such as educational announcements, preserving appropriate academic, business, and transaction records, and disclosures to government organizations as required for us to comply with relevant laws, may not be authorized.
You have the option of opting out of receiving marketing messages from us, and you may do so by responding to the appropriate email or other contact. Please keep in mind that making such a request would only remove you from our list as well as the list of any Business Associates that provide services on our behalf. We are not responsible for how any other party uses the Information once it has been provided in line with this Policy, and you must contact that business to have your information deleted from their database.
Subject to contractual, academic, legal, or technological constraints and appropriate notice, you may modify different user settings linked to sharing your Personal Information included in any user profile you set up as part of Social Network activities provided by us. Please keep in mind that if you stop using social media, we may be unable to provide you with some products or services.

Security Measures

We shall take commercially reasonable steps to safeguard and retain your information to protect it from loss, abuse, or alteration while it is in our possession. When taking your credit card information throughout the online purchase process, as well as whenever we ask you to login to any of our Sites, we use industry standard security procedures (s).
Unfortunately, there is no way to guarantee that data transmitted via the internet is fully safe. As a result, while we will take such precautions, we cannot guarantee that Information under our control will not be lost, misused, or altered, and you transmit Information to us at your own risk. You should always be cautious about how you handle and reveal your Personal Information, and you should avoid transmitting it over unsecured e-mail, social media platforms, or other online methods.

Communication surveillance

For the training of our representatives and quality assurance reasons, we may monitor and store all incoming and outgoing communications. If such communications are chosen, they are only kept for as long as is necessary to fulfil these objectives, unless a specific communication is required to be kept for legal reasons. Please inform your representative if you do not want your conversations to be kept for any reason.

Use of Internet Technologies

We employ cookies, web beacons, and other pertinent internet technologies on our websites in order to facilitate the aforementioned objectives, deliver site-related messages, and maintain a record of the information you provide. It is possible to eliminate these minuscule pieces of program code from both the computer and the browser. You have the option to disable these technologies; however, doing so could potentially render our websites inaccessible to you. You may disable these functionalities in your web browser to prevent the use of cookies and other technologies associated with the internet. If you require assistance with modifying cookie settings or removing cookie files, navigate to the "Help" option in your browser.

Children's Privacys

We take the issue of children's privacy extremely seriously. The websites in question are not designed with the intention of or specifically for juveniles below the age of thirteen. You may contact us or expunge the information yourself if you believe that your child has registered on one of our sites or provided us with personal information and you wish to have it removed.

Site Hosting and Links from Our Sites to Other Websites

Some of our websites are hosted by Business Associates, while others provide connections to external websites hosted by Partners and Unrelated Entities. When you use these Sites or external websites, the website providers may have access to your Personal Information and may use it in accordance with their own rules. Please read the policies of any websites you visit on the internet carefully before proceeding.
Please be aware that we are not responsible for the privacy practices or content of any sites or external websites that we do not directly control, and that the collection, use, and disclosure of information about you by Partners, Business Associates, and Unrelated Entities will be governed by the policies that apply to those other Sites or external websites.

What is the purpose of cookies?

In order to monitor advertisements and compile aggregate data on site visitors and activities, cookies are utilized. It facilitates the provision of enhanced site experiences and resources for users. If required, we might seek the assistance of a third party in order to conduct a more comprehensive analysis of visitor behavior. Conversely, third-party service providers are strictly prohibited from employing the collected data for any objective other than customer analysis.

We never give out personally identifiable information to anybody else

Personal information is not sold, traded, or transferred to any third parties. We maintain the utmost regard for your privacy and will never disclose your personal information to a third party without your explicit consent. Conversely, non-personally identifiable visitor information may be disclosed to external entities for the purposes of marketing, advertising, or other similar endeavors.

Changes to the Privacy Policies

This Privacy Statement is subject to change or modification by Profound Publishers at any time. Should you have any inquiries or apprehensions concerning the utilization or disclosure of your Personal Information, kindly reach out to us through the means specified below, or visit this site on a regular basis to obtain an up-to-date version of this Privacy Statement. We strongly recommend that you routinely review our Privacy Statement to ensure that you are in possession of the most recent version. In the event that this Privacy Statement is amended, your continued submission of Personal Information or utilization of our services shall constitute your acceptance of the revised policy.

How to Get Access to Your Information and Get in Touch with Us

Please contact us at if you would like access to or amend any of your Personal Information, or if you have any questions regarding our privacy practices.

(662) 228-5105
[email protected]

In order to ensure the privacy of our valued customer we never store any sort of information related to our clients neither we do take any cards information from client.

Consumer Data Safety Measures

We respect your right of privacy. We therefore do not share your name and contact details with any third party. Besides, we keep information provided by you as confidential. The information you provide are used only to understand your requirements and to improve our services to suit your needs rather effectively. We ensure to follow the standards set by PCI and consumer data protection.
It is hereby declared that our company does not authorize its representatives to collect any confidential information from our customers i.e. credit card information etc. Accordingly, we advise our customers not to share any confidential and sensitive nature information with our employees. If you do so; you shall be doing at your own risk and our company shall not be liable for any misuse.
Your ordered work may be forwarded to any of our production or service centers located globally, for the quality delivery. However, they are also bound by an NDA to keep customer’s information as highly confidential.

Pseudonym Policy

We hold a policy of using the pseudonym to ensure the following:
With a view to avoid undue confusion and hassle at our customers end when they are assigned a new account manager, we use pseudonyms; it helps our customers remain connected with a single point of contact and remember their name comfortably.
Moreover, as our staff comprises of people from different regions and cultures, hence the use of pseudonym helps us present a uniform culture of the organization

Our Affiliation: A Network of Creative Excellence

Legally speaking, Profound Publishers is a subsidiary of ANIMATIONPROHUB, which is owned and operated by CELECT STUDIOS, INC. By utilizing a "Doing Business As" (DBA) designation, ANIMATIONPROHUB works in conjunction with its subsidiary brands to offer an extensive array of promotional and creative services. Our affiliation serves as a unifying force, allowing us to pool our collective expertise and steadfast dedication to achieving excellence. Exceptional solutions in the following areas—IT, web, design, writing, publishing, video production, and marketing—are provided to clients.

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